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Empowering children through recognizing their communication potential.

Anna Spilker - MS, CCC-SLP

Family-Centered Care

Involving parents in setting and working cooperatively towards communication goals.
Offering onsite and telehealth service delivery.

We work with children who experience a variety of developmental disabilities and communication needs and have specific interests in motor speech...

brina-blum-d-RwmHvHPPg-unsplash.jpg language, and collaborative treatment with related healthcare and
educational disciplines.

Member: Ability Group

Our collaborative group of interdisciplinary providers has been serving families in Anchorage, Alaska for over 25 years.

Our therapists provide training to families and caregivers, teach in the community and abroad and provide direct treatment to children with diverse needs. We look forward to meeting your child’s unique goals.

Image by Katherine Hanlon
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